Meet Our Team

Our qualified staff adheres to all guidelines for implementing test security while maintaining a thorough knowledge of testing procedures and professional conduct.

All of our test administrators:

Alan Hill
Testing Center Senior Coordinator

Serving BJU Press since September 2015
Previously a Christian College Professor

"I am thrilled to be able to serve so many people from various walks of life."

Lynn Tracy
Testing Center Coordinator

Serving BJU Press since 1996
Serving the Testing Center since 2012
13 years as a classroom teacher for Grades K5, 2, and 3
2 years as a Homeschool Parent

"The Testing Center allows me to touch a lot of lives. All ages of students and professional candidates pass through our doors. Each one is here on purpose, and it is my privilege to serve them on behalf of the BJU Press Testing Center."

Kelly McKenney
Testing Center Specialist

Serving BJU Press since 2000
Serving the Testing Center since 2013
10 years as a music teacher
2 years as an Administrative Assistant

"Creating an enjoyable yet relaxing testing atmosphere is most important. Hearing a student ask his mom if he may return next year to test makes everything I do all worth it."

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