This site is for the BJU Press local Testing Center. If you are looking for testing outside the Greenville, SC, area please contact Testing & Evaluation.

Testing Center User Agreement: Professionals & College Students Conduct Policies

Before your testing appointment, please print this agreement; read, sign, and return it to the BJU Press Testing Center.

  • Please be considerate of other testers and avoid wearing any strong perfumes or colognes.
  • No electronic devices are allowed in the testing room. Canidates are provided a secure locker to store small items while testing, and plastic bags are provided to keep items together.
  • Please turn off all electronic devices before placing them into your locker.
  • Please remove all items from your pockets for storage in the locker. Tissues will be provided upon request.
  • Please choose your jewelry with care. Items that have the potential to be noisy (such as bangles or chains) will need to be removed prior to testing and stored with your other personal belongings. It's best to plan to remove all jewelry aside from wedding/engagement rings and body piercings.
  • All headwear must be removed unless worn for religious or medical reasons.
  • A government-issued photo ID must be presented for all tests. Candidates will be informed in advance if a second ID is also required.
  • Remember that all testing sessions are under constant observation.
  • You may not leave the building once testing has begun.
  • Please consider using the restroom before entering the testing room. Timed tests are not generally paused for bathroom breaks.
  • Disposable foam earplugs are available upon request.
  • Due to the size of our testing facilities, we are unable to accommodate waiting guests during the testing periods.
  • For security, all testing sessions are video-recorded.
  • Please remember these procedures regarding conduct in the testing center:
    • No testing aides are allowed except the ones allotted.
    • No reading or talking out loud.
    • You may adjust the chair and monitor as you wish.
    • Please raise your hand if you have any questions or concerns.
    • All necessary pencils and scratch paper will be provided upon entry into the testing room and must remain in the testing room.
    • We will explain how you are to exit the testing room following your test. Different test publishers have different checkout procedures. Please ask if we do not mention the checkout procedure in advance.

1The BJU Press Testing Center and its employees are not responsible for any personal belongings brought onto the premises and cannot be held accountable in the event that such things are lost, damaged, or stolen.

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