This site is for the BJU Press local Testing Center. If you are looking for testing outside the Greenville, SC, area please contact Testing & Evaluation.

Testing Center User Agreement: Achievement

Prior to coming for your child's testing session, you should have already signed our user agreement online. The agreement outlines our policies and provides additional information. Please read it in advance so that you and your child know what to expect at your appointment.

  • The Iowa Assessments tests are available to homeschool and private school students. They are not available to public school students.
  • A student or their parent will be required to show id on the first day of testing.
  • Please leave cell phones, purses, backpacks, and briefcases with parents1.
  • We may ask test takers to remove any jewelry that could cause a distraction.
  • Electronic devices—including cell phones—are not allowed in the testing room (unless needed for medical reasons). Please leave them with a parent. Completion of the test is in jeopardy if a student is found with any of these items.
  • No beverages and/or gum are allowed in the testing center. A small dry snack, such as crackers, granola, gummies, or cheese sticks, is allowed during specified break times. Water fountains are available on the premises.
  • Please do not bring papers, notes, scratch paper, books, or any other printed or written materials into the testing room. Any and all writing instruments and paper will be provided by the BJU Press Testing Center.
  • Most test sessions will be completed in three hours or less. The Testing Center staff will inform you of the expected finish time when the children are dropped off.
  • We are unable to provide a waiting area during testing for family members. Parents may return to pick up their testing child at the appointed time.
  • For security, all testing sessions are video-recorded.

1The BJU Press Testing Center and its employees are not responsible for any personal belongings brought onto the premises and cannot be held accountable in the event that such things are lost, damaged, or stolen.

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