This site is for the BJU Press local Testing Center. If you are looking for testing outside the Greenville, SC, area please contact Testing & Evaluation.

Achievement Testing

Iowa Assessments™ Online

The Iowa Assessments™, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), measures student achievement and growth across a continuum of next generation learning standards from kindergarten through Grade 12. Built on a 70 year partnership with the University of Iowa carefully constructing valid testing instruments, Form E offers a host of enhancements to help educators meet today’s evolving educational needs. Price—$60 per student

Cognitive Abilities Test™ Online

The Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®) Form 7 measures a student’s learning ability. It must be used in combination with the Iowa Assessments™ Form E, which allows for a report of abilities scores and a combined report that compares the student’s ability to his/her learning achievement. Price—$90 per student

Student Eligibility

Testing is available for homeschooled and privately-schooled students.

Homeschool Students are defined as having the majority of their education privately funded and provided at home—rather than in a traditional classroom setting. Students whose education is home-based but provided by a publicly funded school would not be considered homeschooled for these testing purposes.

Private-School Students may complete their testing requirements at our facilities—we are fully approved by the test publisher to offer this service. However, we must receive a letter of authorization from the students' school administrator before the appropriate tests can be ordered.


How do I register for a test?

You may register by calling 833-797-0208, emailing, or visiting our office.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit, debit, or cash. Payment is due at time of registration, but for your security, please do not email us your credit or debit card information or leave it in a voicemail message when calling. We will contact you directly to obtain your payment information.

What dates are available for testing?

Tests are administered throughout the year as listed on our calendar. Dates for the Iowa Online Assessment are prescheduled according to grade level.


Check-In for Achievement

Morning testing session—8:15 am
Afternoon testing session—12:15 pm

Dismissal Time for Achievement

Morning testing session—11:00 am
Afternoon testing session—3:00 pm

Check-In for CogAT

Testing session—1:15 pm

Dismissal Time for CogAT

Testing session—3:30 pm


1430 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Suite 211A (the Customer Service door)
Greenville, SC  29609

The Testing Center is not on campus.


To check in your child, each testing day please bring 1) a printed copy of your test-order confirmation, and 2) your government-issued photo ID (the student's government-issued photo ID will also suffice).

Please Note—Due to the size of our testing facilities, we are unable to accommodate waiting parents or guardians during the testing periods.

Testing Center Agreement

Prior to coming for your child's testing session, you should have already signed our user agreement online. The agreement outlines our policies and provides additional information. Please read it in advance so that you and your child know what to expect at your appointment.

Please read our Policies & FAQs before coming to the Testing Center.


In the event that a testing session ends early, we will contact you by phone. Please plan to pick up your child by the scheduled dismissal time—the BJU Press Testing Center cannot assume responsibility for children who are picked up late.

Achievement Test Preparation

Test Prep Materials Check out Better Test Scores workbooks to help your child prepare for the test in the areas of Language, Math, and Reading!